Instaklin Radiator Cleaner

Instaklin - Radiator Flushing Medium is acid free descaling concentrate specially formulated for heavy duty cooling systems. It is alkaline in nature, free from acid and blended with special chemical ingredients for REMOVAL OF SCALING, RUST, OIL, SOIL, CHOKE-UP from the Engine Block, Radiator and also clean the inner surface of the cooling system effectively and instantly to enhance the cooling efficiency without harming any part of the cooling system in just 20 minutes.
Recommended by Tata Toyo Radiators Limited. Advantages:Total Cleaning, Time Saving, Zero Skilled Labour, Zero Downtime, Negligible Cost.
Remove the contents of Radiator. Mix ¼ ltr instaklin with 5 ltrs of plain water and fill the radiator in this proportion. Run the engine for 15-20 minutes & drain. (For passenger cars run the engine for 5-10 minuts only.) Pour plain water again to rinse. Run engine for 5-10 minutes and drain again. Repeat with plain water until you get clear drain to complete the cleaning process.


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