Coldguard Active Premixed

Advantages and Salient Features of Coldguard Active Coldguard Active is a Glycol Compliant Advanced Synthetic formulation

  • More protection against rust, corrosion & scaling.
  • Better Heat transfer capacity hence brings down the temperature faster.
  • Anti-Freeze protection-Ideally suitable for ambient temperature -5˚C
  • Coldguard Premixed is diluted in 30:70 ratio. Can be further diluted in 1:1 ratio.
  • Thoroughly tested technology for more than 15 years in variety of applications.
  • A variant confirming to JIS-K-2234/ASTM standard providing anti-freeze protection up to -50˚C also available.
  • Exported to SAARC, Middle East & African Countries
  • Environment friendly.
  • Available in Green, Red, Pink & Blue


Ensure that the cooling system has no leakages and it is clean. If required use instaklin acidfree descaling medium to clean the entire cooling system quickly. Fill it with COLDGUARD ACTIVE PREMIXED coolant to the maximum mark in the expansion bottle without adding water COLDGUARD ACTIVE PREMIXED is pre-diluted in 33.67 proportion, can be further diluted in 1:1 ratio Check the level periodically & top up whenever required with COLDGUARD ACTIVE PREMIXED coolant. Follow vehicle manufacture's guidelines for change interval. COLDGUARD ACTIVE PREMIXED coolant is suitable for ambient temperature above -2 Degree Celsius(28 Degree Fahrenheit) and is also perfectly miscible with any other Glycol based coolant.


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Coldguard Active New Generation Coolant... Technology For Tomorrow... Recommended for use in radiators of GENERATORS, HCVs, LCVs, TRACTORS, PASSENGER CARS, EARTHMOVING QUIPMENTS
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